Friday, August 31, 2007

Call signs revisited

Over the past couple of months we've had a newer (actually only new to me- he'd been here before) deputy project manager, who introduced himself as "Tex". Accustomed to the various call signs, and knowing there's a story behind each one, I started thinking: Tex. Maybe as in "nice shootin', Tex!" or maybe he likes to wear 10 Gallon hats and stetsons. Or otherwise walk around like a cowboy. Or he's really good with messaging on a cell phone, maybe?

So of course, I had to ask. He smiles and says "Texas, as in 'chainsaw massacre'." Now that's one testosterone laden call sign.

"Don't mess with Texas"

And of course he's been a delight to work with. He came back on special request from a friend of his, taking a substantial pay cut because he is loyal to people that are important to him. He's found that he needs to move on now, but feels that he's met the goals that he came to achieve, and we thank him for his work.

We wish him well as he answers the call of Africa.

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