Thursday, August 16, 2007

Let there be no doubt

What was done yesterday in northern Iraq was a prime example of what I refer to as the pure evil that the U.S. and many in Iraq are fighting.

I saw a bit of the ABC TV news report on it this morning - and the knot in my stomach tightened as I watched the wounded children. Some try to point to the stoning of the Yazidi woman (by her own people) who was suspected of some form of inappropriate relationships with a Sunni as the trigger. It just doesn't compute that one would create such widescale suffering to so many innocents. It is not justice, an eye for an eye, or any other rational response to such an action. There were no American targets there. There were no others there who were working with the Americans. These were people in a fairly isolated area doing their own thing, like so many others in this country who just want to go on living their lives in relative peace. I can't pretend to know the Yezidis' culture in depth, but no one deserves what happened there yesterday.

As I've mentioned before, so much suffering.

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