Monday, January 19, 2009

Insults and cat-like reflexes

True, this news is a bit dated, but I'm just now getting to throwing my two cents in on the blog that matters only to me.

One of the better entries I came across in reaction to the Iraqi reporter throwing his shoes at our Commander in Chief:

Classic line was "whereas in other cultures or religions, throwing shoes at someone is a sign of honor and respect..." tongue fully in cheek.

My first thought in reaction to viewing the clip of the "assault" was that our Chief has great reflexes- almost a Keanu Reeves/Matrix-like bending out of the path of the oncoming projectile.

And our Chief couldn't resist commenting something like "I know that he has a great soul (sole?)". You may disagree with his policies and or decisions, but I think in many ways he has a great sense of humor.

I half-expected him to call out with a taunting "missed me!" after the second try. But he exercised his better judgment there.

The article I cite above correctly notes: "... in a previous age, the perpetrator would be facing a summary, and probably agonising, death if he had dared confront Saddam Hussein's regime in such a way."

So some progress anyway. Shoe-throwing, as insulting as it may be in Arabic culture, at least in this case, did not lead to bloodshed.