Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The fairly awful experiment! Look away, its hideous!

Washington Post
August 22, 2007 Pg. 1
Bush Turns Up Heat On Maliki, Iraqis Could Seek New Government, President Cautions
By Michael A. Fletcher and Megan Greenwell, Washington Post Staff Writers

Still, Crocker said, the strategy mitigates the negative effects of the national police force, which is known for its corruption and is distrusted by many Iraqis.

"As you look at the fairly awful experiment with the national police so far, this notion of local policing may be strategically important," he said.

Ambassador Crocker

Color me enthusiastic about my work following this "two thumbs WAY UP!" endorsement from the highest ranking U.S. civilian involved in our efforts in Iraq! Yes, I, too, can "make a difference" at the "tip of the spear!" Sometimes I feel more like the tip is embedded in my chest rather than my being the spear tip. Maybe I'm more of an asparagus tip. Reminds me of the old "sometime you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield" thing.

Well, as Phase 3 kicks off, we can hand it over to the Carabinieri and see if they can perform a better experiment.

One thing they've got going for them is a much clearer advantage in mustache regulations. We were taught in our cultural training back at Riley that a mustache is a sign of honor here. Unfortunately, our grooming regulations in the Army prevent us from having anything much better than a Hitler style mustache. I present to you the man with more honor than anyone in the U.S. military could ever hope to achieve, Gen Pompegnani, of the Italian Carabinieri!

The most honorable Gen Pompegnani
Here's to hoping the men of much honor get first prize at this social science fair. Hey, wait! Has anyone seen my ferret?!

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