Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A cabinet with all the drawers doing their own thing

OK, the image stinks- but from

two polar bears fighting,

"Strife, As long was we have each other, we'll never run out of problems."

From an LA Times article today about the "surge", some comments about the state of the Iraqi government:

"The boycotting ministers will continue to run their ministries, but will no longer attend Cabinet meetings or cooperate with Maliki, said Iyad Jamaluddin, a Shiite Muslim cleric and parliament member with the Iraqi National List coalition."

Now this is dysfunction at its finest. Maliki is so weak, that not only does he tolerate this nonsense from his Cabinet, he actually has to beg them to come back, to play nice, etc. Holy poop. And when a third of your cabinet says they're going to do their own thing? Some folks need to yank their choke chains. And yes, that is a reference to a device used to control unruly dogs.

Again, the legal disclaimer, my opinion.

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