Friday, August 17, 2007

Visit from the Australian Ambassador to Iraq

We had the Australian Ambassador to Iraq visit yesterday. Except for the standard personal security detail (PSD) accompanying him, it was a fairly low key visit. My NCO irreverently found that he resembled Austin Powers a bit (I think he was referring to his hair and clothing, not his teeth). He toured a few of the sites of the Academy, talked with some of the shurta in training, observed some training, broke bread with some of the leadership, and then spent over an hour just visiting with the Australians among our expatriates in our dining facility in many one on one conversations. We were glad to receive him and his group. His stated purpose was to come and thank the Australians for their work. An unstated purpose was to let them know that their country hasn't forgotten them, and the ultimate sacrifice two of their members made a few weeks ago on that unfortunate convoy. We miss you, JJ and Hurstie.

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