Sunday, August 05, 2007

Note to headquarters from the field

From the Duke of Wellington,

My Lord, If I attempted to answer the mass of futile correspondence which surrounds me, I should be debarred from the serious business of campaigning...So long as I retain an independent position, I shall see no officer under my command is debarred by attending to the futile driveling of mere quill-driving from attending to his first duty, which is and always has been to train the private men under his command that they may without question beat any force opposed to them in the field.

- To the Secretary of State for War during the Peninsular Campaign

He must have gotten in trouble for not having his Powerpoint in the designated font size. I'm not a warfighter, but a trainer (actually right now I'm just a training supervisor...)- I spend about half and half between time in the office on the computer and in meetings, and out in observation of training, getting the fingernails and boots dirty. I really am a Fobbit, but I'm not locked in the office, at least. But I did find the statement spoke to me, as I sometimes feel the important things get lost in the process that I observe.

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