Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dueling blogs

Cue the music from dueling banjos.....

Sometimes our internet and blog happy world brings an interesting confluence of events, where we can look at the thought bubbles over the heads of two people in conflict with each other.

Here is one of those times:

This blog's Aug 11 posting:

corresponds quite nicely with this blog's 14 Aug posting:

Knowing smiles from all of us "in the field"- ok, again, I'm not in combat, but I'm definitely not in HQ- and praying that it stays that way. These two poor souls, by the way, were not 104th Div soldiers, but got sucked in by the talent vacuum that 104th had- so the Individual Ready Reserve was called to fill the void, and here they are with the rest of us. Hey, folks, welcome to the "104th family"!! Feel the love and support!!

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