Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Follow up on the Note from Field to Headquarters

This evening's 20 minute burst of e-mail traffic from HQ was a beautiful illustration of the Duke of Wellington's Beefs (sorry, I couldn't resist that):

one request from HQ for a set of my orders (the same set of orders that 300 of us have and had submitted when we got to the HQ from the states back in May- they're all on one set of orders....)

another request from HQ for my dates of leave and passes, addresses, phones, next of kin information- all information on the leave and pass forms I have completed, submitted, and received approval from HQ on- they e-mailed them to me way back, and now I can e-mail them back copies of the copies they sent me once they were approved by HQ

a last request for biographical information that they could have pulled off of the military's databases (except for the "hobbies" question- in case the general would like to come play basketball with me, I guess).

Why pull out your files and read them, when you can just send a distribution-list e-mail and have everyone provide you the information that you already have?

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