Monday, July 02, 2007

What's your call sign?

This is kind of a variation on the old "what's your sign?" pick up line. Except I'm not really attracted to my work colleagues in that way. Except for Binks. He's quite the specimen. OK, I don't like Binks in that Thursday kind of way that many of us get warned about with the local culture, either.

In an effort to give you a bit more of a feel for my everyday world.

When I'm being industrious and hard working, I make sure I carry my motorola radio with me (see a funny bit about "walkie talkies" on Brian Regan's DVD) . Sometimes I don't carry it, because if someone really needs me, they can come to me in person. I've got a big ego, that way.

In any case, the crew here communicates quite a bit via the motorola. And doing so requires call signs, which sound all the more interesting in the various accents- Australian, New Zealanders, Welsh, Irish, Arabic, etc. And the call signs are interesting in some cases as well. Binks. Batman. Eagle. Falcon. Hippo. Peanut. Yahoo. Professor. Red. Needles. Wombat. Platform. Borat. Diesel. Banger. Turk. Sidney. Sunny. Chuck Berry.

I have a call sign that evokes nothing really, other than an understanding of my status as the contracting officer representative- CPATT 1 (someone so important, no one talks bad about me to my face). So if you come up with a good call sign for me, please let me know, so I can be as cool as the rest of the staff here. You can also think: what should be your call sign? I'm thinking of revisiting our call signs from back at Fort Riley- we were the Fobbits. I can be the "6" here. Woo-hoo!

This is Fobbit 6. Out.

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