Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Hammer!

I never planned to work with a guy that had been highly ranked in mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting championships. But here I am.

I manage a contract here at An Numaniyah where the contractor, BLP, has assigned "The Hammer" as their project manager. His fighting skills aren't his primary qualifications for the job, he has a career which includes time as a police officer and extensive experience as a police trainer in Iraq. But being able to beat people up never hurts.

This week my NCO decided to put us on The Hammer's physical fitness program. I was warned by my predecessor to stay away from these workouts, that The Hammer was merciless. We have decided to label the program "shock" workouts- fast and furious, done in about 30-40 minutes, but with plenty of suffering. Thankfully, MSG Merrell hasn't volunteered us to work on the martial arts and fight club stuff.

So you better not mess with me. I'll tell my project manager, and he can beat up your dad.

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