Thursday, July 12, 2007

Walks with Binksie

Almost as poetic as "Dances with Wolves", no?

My Welsh buddy that works for BLP here at An Numaniyah, before he left on his break just recently, would drag me out for training walks around the base. We are generally the target of much teasing by the rest of the crew here, who find us ridiculous for putting all the gear on for walks around the base when most sane folks are down to shorts and t-shirts.

I need to burn calories given how well they feed us here, so that is one reason to subject myself to the torture. I also feel a bit of a desire to train for the unlikely but always present possibility of a reassignment to a more physically taxing job such as those that the NPTTs do. I could get really soft here, but I'm trying to get into decent shape and maintain it. While I do stay busy with my regular work here, I doubt I'll ever have a better time during my working career to stay in shape and exercise like I do here at the Academy. And getting in really good shape helps me in my relations with the Aussies, most of whom are in fabulous shape- so I've got to get it together just to fit in- or at least have them pretend I do.

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