Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fame or notoriety? An article on the COR in his current hometown newspaper

An article by Michael Rigert of the Daily Herald, a local paper in Utah County, Utah-

On the whole, I compliment Mike on the article. I think he did a good and fair job, I can appreciate how hard it may be from his end to get a feel for what is happening out here.

Only 2 disclaimers, modifications from my end:

1. The contract is between U.S. government and BLP, and I serve as the Contracting Officer Representative. I also serve as liaison between the U.S. forces, BLP, and the Iraqi National Police on the ground doing the training.

2. The Iraqis I've talked to who yearn for a strong, authoritarian leader are not exclusively BLP employees or subcontractors. There are other Iraqis that I have talked to who feel the same way, not affiliated with BLP. Further, their personal opinions do not represent positions or training that BLP provides.

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