Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good question!

Much of what I do here is watch people- it is actually a major part of my job as contracting officer representative- watch the contractors, evaluate their performances. But I also watch the multitude of VIPs that come here to assess our program.

I was encouraged by a visit today. The visitor came, outranking everyone here, soon to be my commanding general. But he sat and listened. And asked good questions. The types of questions that reflected two things: 1, that he has experience in Iraq and training both, and 2, that he listens actively and thoughtfully and gets to the areas that really need attention.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing folks ask the right questions. Except for perhaps watching those same people listening to the answers people are giving to those questions, and integrating them into their thought processes.

I'm often quick to criticize, so I wanted to take this post to praise. We were focused on having a successful visit and giving him a good impression of what we do here. He likewise did a fine job providing us a first impression of him, and we'll welcome him back for as many visits as he'd like to make.

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