Monday, January 07, 2008

A couple more additions to the media corner

My DVD viewing for the evening consisted of a couple of "Iraq war" documentaries.

I'd mentioned the brutal "Gangs of Iraq" piece.

These were not as personal as that, but reminders of what the experience here was like for the individuals involved. Some parts were graphically bloody, some incredibly profane, so I don't recommend these for family viewing. But they do show the realities of some parts of what is happening here. Fairly simple and straightforward, not too polished.

This is war: Memories of Iraq from an Oregon National Guard unit's experiences a bit ago.

Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories. This one also felt a little bit dated, but in some ways both provide insight into the continuing challenges here, and how we as US soldiers may in some unfortunate ways be contributing to the problems we are simultaneously trying to solve.

And of course, tributes to those who have fallen are a part of the experience. Always sobering.
God bless, Justin, Brendan, & Umran.

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