Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bottom 10 from my 15 day R&R

No real order to this list, either.
  1. 5 days to get home

  2. jet lag and waking up ready for the day at 2am then crashing at 7pm for the first week

  3. passed too quickly

  4. listening to people who incorrectly think they know what’s going on out here

  5. playing basketball VERY poorly- not sure if I can blame it on my messed up finger

  6. snow- almost every day

  7. confirmation that for most people and the media, Iraq is less of a hot topic than the latest about Britney, Lindsay, Paris, etc.

  8. some worry about family health issues
I really had a great time during my break actually. So I can’t make it to 10 things that were really downers.

And my colleagues out here warned me that coming back would be really lousy, but I have been genuinely happy to be back. I’m not too excited about some of the work I have to do here (administrative work is not my cup ‘o tea), but then again, there are many kinds (El Guapo, did you say “a plethora”?) of work I don’t get excited about. My job is about as good as it gets in a combat zone.

The weather is beautiful (no snow!). I have a month of known work, and then up to 3 more months of doing who knows what. I’m pretty charged up for the home stretch. Which is good, because I may need to use up all of that enthusiasm- we’ll see what happens.

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