Sunday, January 13, 2008

Conflicts on the other side of the world

A recent political analysis noted that the war in Iraq is getting little play by those running for President. I'd been noticing that for a while.

I noted similarly in one of my posts over the Christmas break, the American public for the most part, or at least the media, have let them do it.

War fatigue?

I admit that during my 15 days off, I tried to pretend this whole thing wasn't happening. It was hard, though, when it was waking me up at night, both from jet lag and from the dreams that I couldn't keep out. And I'm guessing it is hard to forget for those missing their loved ones, some of whom will not return. It is likely hard to forget for those whose nerve endings are tingling with phantom limb pains or are dealing with other injuries.

But Iraq is still here. And a large number of U.S. soldiers is still here. And a large number of contractors funded by the U.S. is still here. And people who want to kill each other are still here.

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