Sunday, January 13, 2008

Costs of war revisited

I've got a cost of war ticker on my main blog page, but that didn't stop one anti-war blogger from accusing me, among other things, of being ignorant of how "my war" is "BANKRUPTING AMERICA!!!!"

Now I agree this Iraq war thing costs a lot- I know in part because I get to manage some contracts paying out millions of dollars a month. Your taxpayer dollars (and eventually mine, given how we're putting this all into debt) at work!

I was pleased to see an article this past week which puts the costs in a bit of a perspective by looking at it as a percentage of GDP, etc.

The article also acknowledges costs and values are different things. The price we pay for war is not easily quantified. I don't agree with all of Lindsey's arguments, but I liked that the piece did consider some aspects that many tend to ignore.

Such as knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing....

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