Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Some North American Haiku

First of all, as you may be able to tell from some of my other postings, I'm having a hard time coping and coming to grips with the mobilization. One of my outlets is exploring things like poetry that I haven't ever really cared to deal with since grade school (see "Ode on a Red Dot"). So I figured I'd take a shot at some haiku- I don't think it violates any operational security provisions, because even I have no idea what my poems mean.


First I'll try a couple of 5-7-5s and then I'll put in a couple of 3-5-3s. And remember- the syllables don't have to be right on.

Prepare for war and fighting
Pray for lasting peace

Mind-numbing lectures
I am not in control here
One more month to go

That didn't hurt so bad. Fun even. OK, now for some 3-5-3s.

So far away now
Vidcam helps

Almost got it done
Back next year

There, I'm feeling much better.

OK- if you've read this, take a few minutes and post some Haiku of your own- show me some love! And as you can tell, I've probably broken the majority of rules for haiku. My bad!

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