Monday, March 26, 2007

Information Assurance

Saturday last week, I watched a movie about the spy Robert Hanssen, "Breach". One of the traps laid for him was they (the FBI, where he worked) created a fake department for him to lead and work in. It was called something like "Information Assurance."

So tonight, our mobilizing group had this incredibly informative briefing on using government computers...something like, yes, "information assurance." The glory of it was that we only had to be one fiftieth as smart as Robert Hanssen in order to do well on the validation exam at the end. I somehow passed a quiz which asked the tough questions like "should you give out your password to terrorists? (yes/no), and "you are authorized to load viruses and other malicious software onto your government computer" (yes/no). Thankfully, the standard to pass was 70% correct- so Congratulations! I can go to Iraq and use government computers!

Keepin' it real, yo!

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