Thursday, March 01, 2007

Note from a friend

This is a note from a friend to his spouse and parents. It articulates nicely some of the fraternity I experience in my Army service. I've deleted their names in respect for their privacy (of course, if you can read their name tags, that blows that up...)

Nicole, Mom and Dad,

I thought you should meet the guys. From the left is Sergeant First Class xxxxx. He is a prison guard and one the best NCO’s I have served with. He doesn’t’ seem to do well with stupid people. Next is another of the finest NCO’s I have met, Sergeant First Class xxxxxx. He is a US Marshal in Seattle. I would jump into a convoy with either of the guys and know they have my back. Next is Master Sergeant xxxxxxx. He is one of the funniest SOB’s I have met. He had a tooth pulled just before this picture and was not too happy. Another first rate NCO. In front is MAJ xxxxxx. He was our company commander until recently. He is being sent home due to some back problems. He served in the first gulf war and has done his bit for God and Country but none the less feels like he is letting us down. There is me and next to me is MAJ Dana Tucker, BA, MS, PHD, MBA (there might be a few more degrees in there somewhere). We mostly call him doctor. He is a Mormon and we tell him that we feel sorry that we only have one wife to miss. Last is MAJ xxxxxxx. He will be taking over for MAJ xxxxxxx as the CO. I am no longer in that company but we wanted to get a picture together. We were a tight knit group during the training at Fort Hunter-Liggett. Not Pictured - MAJ xxxx, my battle buddy, had surgery in January and should be joining us shortly.
If nothing else, know this, I am serving with the best this country has to offer and it is an honor to go to war with these guys.

Take care,

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