Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fobbit's Creed

Fobbit- termed popularized by SGT Bob Merrifield with his BOB on the FOB caricatures.

Our team has taken great delight in expanding on his magnificent work. I decided to contribute the Fobbit's Creed. This is modeled loosely on "The Soldier's Creed".

The Fobbit’s Creed

I am an American Fobbit.
I am a Staffer and a member of a team. I serve the leadership of the United States Army and live the Fobbit values.

I will always place the Powerpoint presentation first.
I will never accept risk.
I will never patrol.
I will never leave an e-mail unread.

I am well fed, geared like a Ranger, and haven’t damaged any of my equipment. I am skilled in MS Office, and always maintain my hardware, my software, and my CD and DVD collection.
I stand ready to brief generals, the press, and the coalition of the willing in very small rooms.
I am a guardian of safety and comfort in the Forward Operating Base.
I am an American Fobbit.


SSG A.J. Merrifield said...

LOL I love it! Nice to see the BotF comics are still circulating...

Dana said...

Brushes with the great artist himself! Glad you were entertained. The blog was a great stress reliever during the deployment. Best to you.