Friday, March 28, 2008

Shopping trips during my fabulous four day pass

(note the fence for crowd control during rush hours)

As I mentioned in a previous blog, rather than head back down to Doha, I'm taking this pass in place in An Numaniyah. I mentioned that it is hard to travel, a bit of a hassle, and it also leaves me available to help out as my replacement learns the ropes here.

But the biggest reason to stick around is the incredible shopping. Now, I know they've got multi-story shopping malls with indoor ice rinks and indoor rivers containing Venice-style gondolas in Qatar, but they just don't have the character of my dear local PX.

(winning hearts and minds by contributing to the local economy- or is it "funding terrorism through money laundering rackets?)

We joke about going "to the land of the big PX" at the end of mission, but this one has about everything I have needed during my tour. Actually, not really, but thankfully, I haven't really needed much.

Storekeeper, Iraq Army customer, and civilian Iraqi customer- all overjoyed at being photographed by the infidel

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