Saturday, March 15, 2008

Protesters and the rule of law

I don't mind protesters. In fact, I think they are an essential part of healthy debate. But I get frustrated when I see the hypocrisy of folks who take it so far as to start breaking laws and threatening folks serving the military, actively impeding the work that we are doing.

The Berkeley events (a few weeks ago?) were an example of taking things a bit too far. But those were clearly not isolated incidents.

Targeting military recruiters
By Michelle Malkin

March 14, 2008

Law breaking should be punished, and law breakers should be treated like criminals, not heros. In some case, I think you could even argue some of these actions border on terrorism- bombing a recruiting center, for example.

And I don't buy the argument that soldiers following lawful orders including rules of engagement are criminals.

My 2 cents. Of course, that doesn't go as far in the international community given the devaluation of the dollar lately, does it?

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