Friday, March 28, 2008

Milan, Surface, or whatever it is- maybe it will run faster than my laptop

I get to keep in touch with my Org Behavior/Human Resource MBA program buddies by conference calls held occasionally, hosted by companies at which each of us works. The last few (including the one this morning at 4am Iraqi time) have been hosted by one of my friends at Microsoft.

I receive care packages of all kinds (but just a few of them really- just lots of variety in them), and in one of them, I got a Popular Mechanics issue from July '07 which presented a piece on the "Milan" platform from Microsoft- a "new" computer.

I was intrigued because it just seemed plain interesting to me as I thought about ways it could be used. But I was also a bit dubious about the claims of where it was in terms of being useful and practical, given how much trouble I've had with my Zune, an incredibly simple computer by comparison. The devil for me in this case seems to be in the software. But I digress.

Milan is apparently now going by the moniker "Surface." Looks like it could be really cool, anyway.

There's my plug, my Microsoftie friends! I now expect to see some blog entries from all of you in the future about some cool tools you were able to buy at Lowe's.

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