Thursday, November 22, 2007

Working with contractors

All about the Benjamins...
One of the better aspects of my deployment is that I work extensively with non-military folks- police trainers and other contractors. And they try to keep me happy, because it is up to me to verify that they are indeed providing a value-added service to our country and the country of Iraq. I look over the contract and the 10 modifications to it, and make sure they follow the contract and its modifications.
Here's one of the ways they keep me happy:

I'm just making sure its all there....

Yes, that's right, they let me count the cash. It is the least they can do, given that all the expats are making more than I do. Of course, they have a lot less job security and face more risks with road moves, but they also get 4 weeks off after 8 weeks on. I get 2 weeks at home during the 1 year of deployment.

This is all extra that they don't need, right? The glories of a cash society.

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