Monday, November 05, 2007

The first day of the Numaniyah National Police Training Center

Hear ye, hear ye, the Numaniyah National Police Academy has officially closed its doors.

Hear ye, hear ye, the Numaniyah National Police Training Center is officially open for business!
I told myself I wouldn't cry, but this is such a special and historic moment, as we do nothing more, really, than change the name and train a different group. We're on the cutting edge here- the tip of the training spear.

This is actually a previous graduation- but after four of them since I've been here, they all look the same.

With the completion of the 5th brigade training yesterday, Phase II of the CPATT carefully crafted 4 phase plan for the transformation of the Iraqi National Police is complete. CPATT and the National Police, though, are loathe to leave the hallowed grounds of this pod on the An Numaniyah Military Training Base (ANMTB) laying fallow. Something about not wanting the place to be looted and burned to the ground in 24 hours if left unoccupied, and the fact that it is the largest National Police training facility, with a ginormous MOUT site on ANMTB. So we shall run at least one iteration of basic training and advanced individual training while they sort out what the next steps are for this facility. We'll celebrate opening the NNPTC with a good old Australian barbecue tonight, with praise and honor to Wombat and Schultzie who work their magic on the grill.

And we also celebrate the 3rd straight victory of Jimmie Johnson (this week Texas Motor Speedway) and his Lowe's team (#48) in the Nextel Cup. They've overtaken Hendrick Motorsports teammate Jeff Gordon (#24) in the points lead, and are well positioned with 2 races left. Of course anything can happen. Go, Jimmie! I'm the biggest fan he's ever had in An Numaniyah, Iraq. I'm not really a redneck, but I'm making an effort, anyway.

And speaking of rednecks, got a care package from my sistah, Beth! Thanks, Beth! That is a great photo of the glaring softball all-stars, thanks also for the video, the cards, the Nerds, the batteries, and the love.

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