Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So many blessings

So I had a bit of a Thanksgiving out here with some of the other U.S. forces here. And I brought home a few souvenirs from the meal. MSG Timmy realized the turkey attached nicely to my Lowe's remote control car, so we have a mini-Thanksgiving parade around the headquarters building from time to time.
And I just got a note from my Dad- Season 1 of Monk is headed my way! Woo-hoo! I'm thankful that I now will have seasons 1-3 of The Office, and Season 1 for both Monk and Psych.

Of course, there's plenty of opportunity left, folks! Scrubs and the other seasons of Monk and Psych are wide open...

I do enjoy taking some time to watch those and transport myself mentally away from the day to day activities here at the training center.

And thanks to family members- I've been receiving many phone calls and e-mails lately. That is good, keeping me going until my Christmas break, where hopefully I catch my second wind. I'm kind of dragging. Makes me short-tempered when dealing with silliness and stupidity here.

But going back to the good news, in line with all of the improvements in security in Iraq, there's apparently more optimism for America....

And there's another older study that belongs under the heading:

When research goes bad!

I remember having to study that report during my first unpleasant trip through graduate school.

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