Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Lowe's Day

Why is this man so excited? He just heard that I signed an offer with Lowe's to work as a consultant in their talent management department. So I'll start there next June with a move to North Carolina, insha'allah.

All my Autralian friends out here have no idea what Lowe's is- so here's the link to their website.

These Aussies are a fun group generally, and occasionally one finds my blog when searching the net for information about Numaniyah, so I figure they could use the link if they're curious.
And of course, Jimmie Johnson has no idea who I am, but is just celebrating another victory. 4 tires beats two.
I had been concerned about job status after my military stint, given that I'd signed an offer with Lowe's before leaving, but since then my "champion" had moved on and I wasn't sure they'd honor the offer. Happily, they updated the offer, and that bit of uncertainty is cleared up.
So I am now free to allocate that energy and anxiety in other ways. Having a couple of days without trainees here has been refreshing, a chance to catch my breath and attend to some of the details and administrative tasks that lag during a training cycle. So, feeling pretty good right now.

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Ross said...

Congrats on the decision. There will be lots of Tuckers on the east coast next year!