Saturday, October 06, 2007

Let's get back to work!

One of our National Police Brigades being trained by their U.S. Army National Police Training Teams at the "world-famous" MOUT site (famous for being HUGE) here at the An Numaniyah Military Training Base (ANMTB)

Woo-hoo! National Police to train! Despite all of the criticism in the media about the National Police, we've missed having them around to train for the past month. They may have their problems, but they're our trainees, and we are proud when we do hear the occasional good news about their performance (and of course we disavow any responsibility for any charges of misbehavior or corruption).

So the last set of Brigade level training for a bit will kick off very soon, which is nice.

And the weather is fabulous!

And my back is letting me work a decent day. Hopefully in a while I can start exercising again. Mostly for mental health purposes, as I've run out of the Valium prescription for my back pain....I'm down to one prescription medicine from the four I was on over the past couple of weeks.

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