Thursday, October 18, 2007

The dark side of cooler temperatures

I mentioned this in an earlier blog- the flies are way out of control right now with the weather topping out at only 100-105 (nice cool weather- the locals are wearing coats in the mornings).

A colleague in winning the hearts and minds does this justice...

For me, the most maddening thing about the bugs beyond the mosquito bites that make me look like I have chicken pox (and force me to put the "mozzie net" back up), is the cool sensation of the flies when they land on or around my mouth. I can't see them when they land on the lower part of my face, but the flapping of wings around my lips, well, it is just plain maddening.

I'm gonna wear the "gaiter" during tomorrow's morning walk, just to keep sane, despite the fact that I know it will only increase the heat and sweating.
No, that's not me- just wanted to show a "gaiter" for those that don't recognize the name.

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