Wednesday, October 24, 2007

50% done- stick a fork in me

The deployment countdown spreadsheet says I'm 50% through with the deployment.

Considering I still have my leave and passes, I'm more than 50% through.

Considering my wearying of U.S. forces that "half-step" their way through this process, I'm more than 50% through, too.

Not a good day in terms of being impressed with the dedication of "soldiers"- I'm referring to some office jockeys with that term, though. I remain impressed with the dedication of many of my "brothers in arms". I unfortunately also come across too many who do as much damage as good in helping us win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi population. And our bickering politicians seem more interested in votes than the Iraqi population, as well. The truths out here are hard, and we as a nation don't seem to have the stomach to open our eyes to the complexities and depths of the problems here.

For those who seem dumbfounded that anyone in the Muslim or Arabic worlds could hate Americans, well, I've seen many "reasonable reasons," but am not in the mood to focus too much on them at this point. I need to eat and take a nap- that's always been my best recipe for grumpiness- my mom taught me this one clear truth, and the remedy has never failed.

The Binksy Farewell Last Supper

Maybe I'm still in mouring from being left by "the Binks", my little Welsh-Australian hobbit program manager battle buddy. 6 months of "good times"- and he's on his way home for a well-deserved rest after 3 years of work here (albeit with some pretty good breaks...). Safe travels, Julian. Love your work.

The Binks hops onto the Binks Box for the last time-
"Hey, is this Puma higher than last time I rode in it?"

I joked with him before he left about Kubler-Ross' stages of grief, and how in a period of just a minute I could go through all 5 of them about his "leaving me".

Denial... "I can't believe he 'quit me'!,
Anger..."That jerk! How could he do this to me!",
Bargaining..."If y'all do a good job, maybe you can get another contract!",
Depression..."This really stinks. I think I'll go curl up in the fetal position in my bed and cry myself to sleep.",
Acceptance..."Ah, contractors. Easy come, easy go. Heck, I'm gone in 6 months, myself!"

That only took 45 seconds or so. But with such peaks and valleys of emotion- what a roller coaster of a minute!

And the Binks is ready to get out of Dodge- on his own terms.

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