Monday, September 10, 2007

Some thanks from one of our Australian team members

Here's some of the text from a note from "one of the boys." Notes like this feed the soul (and probably the ego, too..).


Thank you very much for your very gracious letter of recommendation. .... Your support to this Project and to the members is well known and I personally believe you have always acted with the utmost professionalism. I know behind the scenes you have arranged many of the AMR flights that our members have been fortunate to get on, many at short notice, and this fact is known by all. (I've worked on them some, and my NCO, MSG Tim-may has also done a good deal of work on this).

As a Senior Non Commissioned Officer in the Austrlian Army Reserve I would not have hesitated to have served under your command.

As for the future - I hope this places goes on in some form. Training is so important and I believe that the Iraqi security forces will only strengthen given quality training and commitment by the "Coalition".

You guys make such a big sacrifice leaving your families for long periods of time. Its a small fact that should never be overlooked.

Many thanks once again.

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