Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Book of the Day- David Galula's Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice

I won't summarize this because someone else has already done a nice job of it:

I enjoyed the read, fairly clear and direct discussion based on his studies and experiences. Having read a bit of Kilcullen's work, I guess I'll have to pull out the Petraeus-led U.S. doctrinal piece on counterinsurgency.
Yes, right now some might say I have too much time on my hands- our best laid training plans have been torn asunder by operational demands in Baghdad and elsewhere.
On the bright side, informal discussions with Iraqi friends here suggests that they do indeed perceive an improved security picture in Baghdad. They don't see much progress in politics, or basic infrastructure services such as water, electricity, fuel, sewer, but the weather is better, so the lack of air conditioning is not as unpleasant an experience. And I'm not doing too well with my Ramadan fast- but it has been 3 days since I ate any 'freedom fries', so I'm making progress, anyway.

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