Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bowing down to Better Blogs and Lots 'o Links

Most of my best work isn't my work- it is sharing discoveries of others' work. So here are a variety of links to blogs and news sites.

Here's a great source of some U.S. Army in Iraq photographs:

Photo essay blog

That blog is much more "pro war"

This next one, very much the other way, against the war and the U.S. presence:

"Iraq Today"

Came across some blogs by Andrew Olmsted, who was killed just days ago in a firefight- a prolific blogger, and an Army Major with some interesting posts. My platitudes and gratitude for his sacrifice, well, I can't do him justice. He's made some good posts, though.

His final post- made on his behalf by a friend following his death.

Some postings addressing the "Why" about folks in the military- we are notorious for our complaints about living conditions, being political pawns, etc, but I think for many of us, these thoughts articulate some of our motivations for sticking it out, standing up and saying "we are here, and we will do it".

Some very amusing posts by an activated Individual Ready Reserve captain I've had the blessing of getting to know just a bit:

The Moustache Five

His take on Beverage Battles

He captures quite nicely the existential experience of those doomed to fight the war via powerpoints and excel spreadsheets in the blue velvet cubicle palace.

And for my human resources friends and cubicle dwellers everywhere:
Weird work stories

Soraya Nelson of National Public Radio's take on her recent visit to An Numaniyah:
Iraqi General Works to Transform National Police

A good regional news web site for the Gulf region.

And lastly from a book I'm currently reading about Britain's involvement in the middle East just prior to and during the first world war (a great primer on "those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it"- A Peace to End All Peace), I'm learning all kinds of things.

For example, I had heard the phrase "beyond the pale" many times, and found it an interesting expression, but never really knew where it came from. In "A Peace....." it is referring to the experience of Russian Jews of the time. Beyond the Pale.

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