Sunday, December 09, 2007

Media stuff

Dr. Biddle came to visit Dr. Tucker and company at The Numaniyah National Training Base a few weeks ago.

Iraq: Can We Guard What We've Gained?
By Stephen Biddle
Washington Post
Sunday, December 9, 2007; Page B07

Last month I returned from my second trip to Iraq this year. Like many observers, I was struck by the changes since the spring. Baghdad neighborhoods that were no-go zones in March are coming back to life. Parts of Diyala province that were too dangerous to visit then are now secure. Patrols in Fallujah that would have been ambushed a year ago are met by kids mugging for photos from Marines who carry lollipops along with their rifles. Iraq is still a war zone, but the trends are turning positive. (continued)

This week we've hosted LA Times, NPR, and six Iraqi TV groups. The local national cleaner for the headquarters building, Nazar, was excited to tell me he saw me on TV last night. My counterpart, BG S., said that President Bush mentioned our Training Center (beehive of reconciliation activity that it is), in a speech yesterday. I haven't seen any reliable reporting on that one, yet.

And my favorite web site of the past few days:

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