Friday, December 07, 2007

Are you active or reserve?

One of the questions that often has so much meaning behind it when it is asked:
"Are you active or reserve?"

I wonder if I would have been less likely to deploy if I were active.....

Army Prioritizing GIs for Combat Tours
Stars and Stripes November 29, 2007

ARLINGTON, Va. -- The Army is prioritizing 37,000 soldiers for assignment to units heading downrange after a records review showed that four in 10 on active duty have never deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Some of them have valid reasons- others, well.... some of them are trained for positions that aren't needed here- so if they deployed it would be something they hadn't really trained in. Which would make them like most of the Reservists. Most of the military folks I work with are in positions that they haven't really trained for.

On the whole, though, I have been impressed with the dedication of many of my active brethren. Many are doing multiple tours in a very challenging environment.

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