Sunday, December 02, 2007


After 3 weeks of training, we have large numbers of recruits and National Police trainers wanting leave for various reasons, mostly because they report they are tired and miss their families.

I try to be understanding. I'm tired and miss my family, too. But while they've been away for 3 weeks, I've been away almost a year now.

Not to say I'm really unhappy. I have a great position, and I enjoy my work more than I had anticipated prior to deployment. But as you can imagine, I'm not very sympathetic.

Here's what I get to see in my backyard right now.

Here's what I would get to see from my backyard were I not here.

Now I'm homesick. ;-) No, I'm fine, because I'm getting that happy feeling knowing I'm only 9 days away from heading home for my 2 week leave. Woo-hoo!

Ever thought to yourself, "I sure could use a couple of pet sheep!"? Somebody around here did. They nicely complement our pet cow and calf, and they don't leave nearly the mess around the grounds.

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