Saturday, April 14, 2007

“This page intentionally left blank”

This is a lovely piece of text I often find on pages in military texts. The irony seems a bit subtle, no? The page is no longer blank due to someone’s desire to clarify something that doesn’t seem that critical. Maybe it should read: “This page intentionally left blank other than this statement about this page being blank.” Honestly.

Of course, a quick search on the internet confirms it- this is a real issue.

some quotes from that site about their sample blank page:

“cool. like the idea. was just staring at a couple of blank pages on a report yesterday with those same words.”—Jamus Jerome Lim

“Thank you for the peace and tranquility.”—Elizabeth G. Brown

“Anyway it occurred to me to check with Google how many other intentionally blank pages there are around. I was delighted to find your site among the results.”—Michael Rychlik

“page in white with a ‘this page intentionally left blank’ is just a superfluousness.”—msdos [at]

“Ommmmmmmmmmmm. The best idea since!”—Roberto Gonzalez Fontenla

“This is a time-wasting irritation—just like its antecedents in the world of corporate manuals.”—Larry H. Phipps

“We love it! It is beautiful! Kudos to your art director!”—Daniel Benoit

“This is a perfect dichotomy between a complete waste of time and effort, and a noble balancing philosophical force on the web. It appeals to me for exactly these reasons. It is a primal thought, and the page which contains the words, ‘This page intentionally left blank’ is in fact lying, a page with words on it is not blank, as you must have considered by now. It is a perfectly self denying mathematical entity. Kudos for doing something thought provoking.”—Friday Jones

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