Monday, April 23, 2007

The team, our barracks, and the unavoidable waiting

Here are some more Riley photos. First, my team. Good group, we play nice and don't run with scissors. But I wouldn't mess with them. We have a Federal Marshall, NYPD and Seattle PD on the team. And a banker, a psychologist, an industrial safety officer, an Idaho high school teacher, a carpenter, and a military intelligence analyst for a defense contractor. I think the carpenter is the one most likely to use lethal force, by the way.

Second, a couple of photos of our barracks. Once I vacuumed up the collection of toenails that had accumulated in my room, it was actually much better accomodations than many get in our circumstances. No open bays for us, which meant I was spared the many indignities of communal living- the loud folks staying up late, seeing too many unattractive nude male figures, the joyous odors of men in training....

Third, my hands down worst Sunday here- doing a mounted combat patrol live fire exercise. Here is what we did most of the time- wait. The training was equally exciting, but apparently met the first objective of not getting anyone injured with live rounds going downrange. My personal belief is that the second objective was simply to have us train on Sunday so we could show how hard we were training and being trained. Nice.

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