Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gearing up for Memorial Day

Got to participate in an ESGR signing a couple of weeks ago. Pretty cool to have both Lowe's leadership (my civilian employer) and military leadership (National Guard and Reserve folks) come together to sign a letter of support. I really tested that out over the past year- getting ready for and executing a Warfighter exercise took a lot of time.
Thanks to Lowe's for supporting that, and thanks to the military for a premier training opportunity that started last June and completed last month at Fort Bragg.

Yesterday did 4 legs of the Carry the Load national relay. Got to enjoy the first two legs in a warm, but partly cloudy environment, with a bit of a breeze. 3rd leg was more of an adventure, with a good bit of rain and wind, and at two points some hail, and the occasional thunder/lightning. 4th leg was just rainy, but by that time, fatigue and water in all the wrong places started wearing me out. Paying for it today. Didn't really train up for that 20 miles. My bad. But good to remember the fallen. And proud to carry a flag. Odd to get questions along the march, "what are you protesting?" I guess people aren't accustomed to folks marching for things other than protests.

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