Saturday, October 08, 2011

Mooresville elections Tuesday, October 11th!

Wanted to remind the 3 people who read this blog, of course only one of them might live in the Mooresville area, that next Tuesday is VOTING TIME!

I've gotten to meet both of the candidates for mayor, and frankly think either one of them will do a good job (and their recent mayoral point of comparison is not even a hurdle here).

Miles Atkins (link is to his site, no entry on NC voter guide)


Jared Esselman. (link is to the NC voter guide)
His personal site

As for the At-Large commissioners positions, I'm strongly in the tank for the only woman on the ballot, Dawn Huston. (link to NC voter guide). She'll provide some gender diversity on the board, brings some strong business sense and background to the table, and would provide another voice from the West side of Mooresville. She doesn't have a slick website like Miles and Jared, but she does have a Facebook page, you can search for Dawn Huston for Commissioner.

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