Saturday, June 14, 2008

Various activities since I've been home

Father-son campout.

Nathan and I are bonding wearing our BYU-Hawaii sweatshirt and T-shirt

Family trip to the dinosaur museum- little dinosaur fabricated by an old mission friend and some of his family.
Those are all at a hands-on part of the museum- you create your own water erosion projects, catastrophically destroying the toy dinosaurs, vegetation, etc.

And 3 of our wee beasties on the Cosman creation

The Thanksgiving point farm area- pony rides- woo-hoo!

Climb up to the Y on the mountain behind the Brunner home.

Grandpa wanted a picture of his house- do you see it?

Ok, do you see it now? Its the single family home at the top of the hill-
pretty much centered in the foreground in front of the larger townhomes

Some digging for dinosaurs at the dinosaur museum.

Riding the ponies at the farm

View of Provo from up on the Y


Laura F said...

Hi, I ran across your blog this morning and was delighted to see pictures of Christine and the kids, and to hear about your house hunting activities. We were in your ward last year as first-year mba students, and left on our internship about the time you came home. It looks as though we may miss you before you take off for your new job, but after knowing Christine and the kids for the past year without you, it was somehow comforting to see them and how happy everyone is with you back. Best wishes to you all and good luck with the house hunting and living the good life!

Laura Finlinson

Dana said...

Thanks, Laura. I hope you are having a great time on the internship adventure. Best to you and your family as well if we don't get together before we move the family East.