Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some thoughts from my easy and comfortable life

Read an op-ed piece this morning that reminded me of the guys back in Iraq. I've also been reminded as I watch the news that Afghanistan is not exactly in a perfect state.

The Man in the Room
by Bob Herbert
New York Times
June 17, 2008

I'd give the chest full of medals back in a heartbeat for anyone like Luis to be able to experience a "normal" life such as mine right now. Likewise, I'd love to get JJ, Hurstie and Umran back to their families, but that won't happen.

I hope that we don't let Luis and his family down in his healthcare and benefits, that he can fight through the inevitable challenges strengthened by his knowledge that he was acting honorably in upholding the oath he made when he enlisted. I hope families like JJ's, Hurstie's and Umran's remember them fondly and have the strength to carry on in their absence.


Michael said...

Hey Dana! Just stumbled upon your blog...haven't read it all so this may be a redundant question...are you coming back into the program this year? Did you already graduate?
Michael Albright

Dana said...


Answers contained in this posting:


Enjoy Amazon, and regards to Allan Smith if you cross paths.


Corry Cropper said...

Hey Dana,
Thanks for the link (re Tiger Woods). I posted it in the sidebar. Very amusing.
The dinosaur museum = Thanksgiving point?