Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Things have quieted down considerably since last week's excitement, which is good. Not that it ever gets really crazy or even do we face much violence where we are- mostly just threats and intrigue, with the occasional killing.

Which means that as we provide overwatch for our dormant training center, we can do plenty of our own dorming. Dormir- french verb- to sleep.

And we can catch up on blogs, and in some of my surfing yesterday I found the ultimate blog for my awful infatuation for the man jewelry known as the watch.

Steinhausen- one of my self-purchased Christmas toys last year

Watchismo. This blog rocks. If you have a thing for watches, anyway.

Sea-pathfinder. Another of my man jewelry items. Complicated enough I can't figure out half of the functions.

If you think looking at odd and unique watches is cool, this is the site for you. If you have hundreds of thousands of dollars of truly disposable income, you can get the actual watches, too.

My old stand-by- the Seiko Monster Diver- I've missed this one during my tour. Didn't want to mess it up.

And another recent acquisition- I'm a silly, materially-oriented person. But it is so cool how it works in the dark with the tritium dials!

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