Friday, February 29, 2008

Shurta Wataniya- The National Police

A couple of news articles on the National Police-

One from the LA Times- this reporter came by Numaniyah quite a while ago- and the article is a few weeks old- I may have cited it in a previous blog, but I don't know for sure. She came on the same day as the National Public Radio reporter that I do know I blogged earlier- back in November or early December was when they stopped by.

And this one from the USA Today is more recent, but the content matter isn't really new- we've been dealing with the "ghost" police for quite a while- I'm pretty certain I've mentioned it in previous blogs about efforts to deal with corruption.


Anonymous said...

Major Tucker,
Whilst I am receiving updates regularly on the possibility of further teaching contracts at Numinayah, the dates mentioned keep getting longer.
Through your blog site, I am finding out more each time on the composition of the recruits I taught. Too bad our position briefing didn;t cover all that has been revealed in the articles. Very interesting reading.

sounds like you are enjoying the company of your fellow citizens/soldiers. At least you won't need a translator, as there are no aussies about.

john elfes

ps sorry about the anonymous tag, goggle wouldn't let me sign in

Dana said...


Glad you're able to learn more about the trainees we worked with over the past year.

I have enjoyed getting acquainted with my U.S. Army buddies over on the other side of the post, but it is always odd during my daily visits at the Training Center to not overhear the banter of the BLP crew profanely insulting each other for sport.

I don't have any news for you on future contract issues (it tends to get contracting officers and their representatives in trouble).

Thanks for your service out here- your team was a valuable part of an enjoyable year.