Saturday, February 23, 2008

We're from the government, we're here to help!

As I came back from my break in Doha, I got to catch a glimpse of the Waxman et al Clemens testimony/3 ring circus.

I was heartened to know that Congress had solved all of our other problems, so they had time to dedicate to something that, if illegal, in my estimation should have been pursued by our executive and judicial branches.

We've apparently solved the 2 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there's no budget deficit, concerns over recession or high foreclosure rates because of risky financing packages of questionable mortgages, Social Security and health care systems are both on solid footing, we've completely recovered from Katrina, and so on.

I'm hoping they can soon free up some time for some other high priority hearings- we've got to do something about the parenting efforts of fathers and mothers of young female celebrities! Of course, that has to take a back seat until Congress can solve the whole New England Patriots spygate conspiracy.

I find arguments that only the president is to blame for the U.S. reputation suffering internationally a bit specious- the whole world can see these grandstanding and meaningless spectacles (I got the Clemens photo from a Turkish website). Way to go, elected legislative officials, keep up the good work! There's a bunch of us laying it on the line out here for you! Our families are also glad you're doing a great job of keeping your eye on the ball.

And yes, I was using my outside voice on that.


Ross said...

Hey, it's really important to members of Congress to get their names in the news -- at least, it's important to them. They can't get in the news anymore talking about the important stuff that the public has already heard about for months or years.

Andrea said...

Congress definitely has an interesting "personality."