Sunday, June 03, 2007

The month of Kramer at NNPA

As I flipped my TFDW (Task Force Desert Wolf) calendar to the month of June, I realized the moment had come.

I have declared, for the Numaniyah National Police Academy:

To all concerned, I present these greetings:

In honor of his majesty, grace and photogenic properties, and in deference to his selection as the June poster child, nay centerfold even, of the feared and revered 104th Division Nightfighting, Bowling Timberwolves,

The month of June shall hereafter and forever in the records of the illustrious Numaniyah National Police Academy be known as the month of Kramer, a month of gratitude and celebration of all that is Krameriffic.

We invite you to visit - how does Sunday sound?- to view our diorama of Kramer scenes- from the noted low crawl in the hell that was known as Fort Hunter Liggett, to other choice pieces, such as the Individual Body Armor With Extreme Dangle, the Coiffe That Just Won't Quit, and the home plate from the Ft. Riley kickball fields.

Yes, this is a time of much rejoicing in southern Iraq. If you were to convoy down, you would note the green flags waving in the 118 degree heat. Cultural snobs believe it has something to do with the faith of Islam, but insiders know- it is in reverence of our very own Army Ranger- Todd Kramer.

Please join us at the back of the academy, where the bakery construction has reached completion just in time for us to build our own pizzas, in true Kramer style. I am told it is a "can't-miss" business proposition!


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