Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What's in a name?

Army Capitalizes 'Families' in Official Correspondence

I've gotten a military e-mail on this and then see it in a headline in a commercial e-mail I get from Military.com.

These types of pronouncements always seem a bit silly to me from my personal, non-official position. The way soldiers know families are important to their leaders in the military is in the way their families get treated. For example, in a situation where a soldier is in a garrison environment, if there is no training being done, and you hold a soldier on a post rather than letting him spend time with his family until training starts up again, you suggest families are even less important than "doing nothing".

I'm not going to rant, and I don't have much cute to say about this, just wanted to post on the odd way we sometimes play with words in the military. We'll know "Families" are important in the way they are treated, and in the way their soldiers are treated. Again in my estimation, there are times the military succeeds, and there are times it is less successful. The fact that I have chosen to serve in the military as a Reservist reflects this- I wouldn't want the military impacting my family all the time, but for certain periods such as this deployment, we are working through the challenges.

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