Saturday, May 12, 2007

Top 10, Bottom 10 of our week at Camp Buehring in Kuwait

Dana’s Top 10 Things he liked about Camp Buehring, Kuwait:
1. Great food- beat the Devil’s Den at Fort Riley, KS- salmon, steak, crab legs, ice cream of all varieties
2. Ample time to work out, sleep, read, wait for internet pages to load at the USO.
3. The USO at Camp Buehring
4. The camels walking around at the firing range
5. Fitness center (see number 1 and 2).
6. Showers (combat showers, 1 each per day)
7. Hangin’ with the team.
8. Starting the 1 year boots on ground clock
9. Tax free combat zone and other financial perks
10. Usually functioning air conditioning in tents

Dana’s Bottom 10 Things he did not like about Camp Buehring, Kuwait:
1. Porta-Johns- profanity, sexual, and racist graffiti, stench, heat, and rough toilet paper
2. The camels keeping us out on the ranges longer than would otherwise be necessary
3. More time with less desirable elements within our larger unit
4. 60 men in a tent….. crowded, smells, sounds, and lights on at awful and unnecessary hours
5. Missing the family- no video conferencing due to internet bandwidth issues
6. more poorly thought out briefings- some people don’t communicate, teach, or train well
7. waiting with no real idea of when we would move until under 24 hours- I have an agenda to plan!
8. always being wet from Sweating
9. continuing to heal from smallpox
10. disrupted sleep/wake cycles combined with heat fatigue

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